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American History

Time Capsule Web Site
Check out this cool Web site: Plug in any date from 1900 through 1997 and it will give you American news headlines, a listing of various commodity prices on that date like the price of gasoline or the average cost of a house...and more! ~Marjorie

America Civil War
Links to a number of Civil War websites
This site takes you to the Library of Congress site for lots of pictures, diaries, and other original source documents. ~Jube

U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution, always an education just reading the original document ~Jube
Digital Classroom  Great lesson plans by the government archivest.~Jube

K-16 American History Curriculum
Not sure if I got this from this list or found it myself, but thought I would pass it on. ~Deb
The American Presidency
Sound bites of presidents ~Fred

American Leaders Speak
Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election ~Fred

American Memory

50 States
good for general info on USA ~DJ

The absolutely most amazing website for history. It has a clickable timeline for both people and events, which links you to relevant information either on the site or on other sites on the web. ~Helga

The History Place: American Revolution
This easy-to-peruse time line starts with the early explorers ("1000 A.D. - Leif Ericson, a Viking seaman, explores the east coast of North America and sights Newfoundland, establishing a short-lived settlement there.") and continues to the early years of our new nation ("July 10, 1790 - The House of Representatives votes to locate the national capital on a ten square-mile site along the Potomac, with President George Washington choosing the exact location.") Don't miss their
Five Tips on writing a better history report. ~Lisa in Austin

PBS: The American Revolution
Liberty! The American Revolution "It's 1763. You're a basically happy, content colonist in North America. British and proud of it. The French and Indian War has just ended. Peace reigns on the continent.  What did Great Britain create, in 1765, that put you on The Road to Revolution?" So begins the interactive game that puts you in the middle of the revolutionary action.  Other fabulous clicks are Perspectives on Liberty (a clickable view of daily colonial life) and Liberty Today (a photo montage of newly naturalized citizens.) ~Lisa in Austin

Revolutionary Webquest
My favorite click at this student-created site is the Road to Independence, a Javascript simulation game. "You will act as the commander of the continental army. You will be responsible for managing troops, trading for supplies and money, and for coping with disasters. . . . To win this war, you must conquer five fictional cities, each city better defended than the previous." Additional sections cover Key Events, Heroes, and Major Battles of the Revolutionary War. ~Lisa in Austin

Been Here So Long
American Slave Narratives: "Been Here So Long." The site, from the New Deal Network, presents a selection of seventeen interviews of former slaves conducted by members of the Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Also provided are Lesson Plans , and an annotated guide to related online resources. Suitable for senior high school students. ~Donna

In Congress Assembled Lesson Plans
In Congress Assembled: Continuity and Change in the Governing of the United States. This unit includes four lessons using primary sources to examine continuity and change in the governing of the United States. The lesson plans are suitable for senior high school students. ~Donna

Children's Historical Fiction
This is a reading list of historical fiction of the United States.

Flags of the Native People of the United States
select by tribe to see flags ~Donna

Native American Nations
History, Info - many maps displaying native information ~Donna

American Indian History
This Week in "American Indian" History - over 3000 historical events which happened to or affected the indigenous peoples of North America ~Donna

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
to preserve and promote Cajun culture ~Donna

Homeless in America
why does it happen and what can you do to help? ~Donna

Civil War Poetry
a collection of Civil War poetry on the web

Behind The Stone Wall
Anyone interested in the Civil War may want to check this site out. I just ran across it & it looks pretty good!

Letters on Spanish Texas
the Spanish Explorers materials ~Don

Archiving Early America
Famous Early Americans - Ben Franklin, George Washington, Daniel Boone

Historical American Biographies
Historical Americans - Biographies of Americans who played a role in shaping the history of our country. ~Donna

Molly Pitcher

Paul Revere  - All about his life and times and that famous midnight ride!

Technology At Home
This is a fun site that helps students see the changes that have taken place as technology advanced to the common items we use in our homes today. Try the other items like the tupperware bowl and the pantyhose...these give you their history too! ~Jane

Korean War
historical info on the Korean War.
Free Educational Materials are available for teaching about the Korean War, including class sets of a special 52 page issue of Cobblestone Magazine on the Korean War. Included are Historical photos from the National Archives. Since these are in class sets, you might consider ordering one for your support group library or co-op class, or at the
least, sharing with other home school moms to make the most of these resources.

If interested, Request:
Educational Materials
Attn: Lt. Col. King
Korean War Commemoration Committee
1213 Jefferson Davis Highway
Crystal Gateway 4, Ste. 702
Arlington, VA 22202-4303
FAX: 703-604-0833

Presidential Libraries
This is a list of the Presidential Libraries web site(s) addresses from the National Archives site. ~J.D.

The Franklin Institute Online
Which also included some cute experiments. ~Diane

Franklin Institue: Online Resources
Also at this website, is a list of online resources
Two of the online resources are websites that have the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. ~Diane

American President
This site goes along with an upcoming series on PBS in April. It even has lesson plans related to the series. There's even a free teacher's packet. ~Cara

White House
Try visiting the White House for some great info on presidents

History Buff
This is one of my favorite sites about History in general.  It has a neat Presidential Wing that contains speeches and facts about
the presidents. ~Cara

48 States
This is kind of a cool site. It shows how the boundaries in the US changed from year to year starting in 1615 (I think) until it reaches our current configuration. It's animated. ~Ellen

Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page

National Geographic

Smithsonian Institution

The History Place