Texas Home Educators 

Approaches to Education

Some people call this the Philosophy of Education.  I call it Approaches because you choose a basic philosophy then your method then your curriculum within that philosophy using your method.  Sounds complicated, but really by reading and deciding on your philosophy first, you will save yourself many months of trial and error, not to mention lots of money by not buying curriculum, books and studies that do not line up with your family's approach to education.  If you come across an approach to education that is not listed here, please feel free to email us with your article.

We were able to get great article for you about the various approaches to home education.  We have Barb Shelton talking about the Lifestyle of Learning, Cindy Rushton discussing the Charlotte Mason approach, with none other than Sally Clarkson discussing the Whole Hearted Approach.  Sue Schrowang wrote the article on Unit Studies, while Tulsa homeschool Mom JoAnne Bennett discusses the Principle Approach.  We even have Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, the authors of Trivium Pursuit, writing about the Classical Approach.

Get your tea ready, have a note pad and pen, and enjoy the articles we have for you.