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Hooded Beach Towel
Kick The Can Ice Cream

Recipes For Crafts

Play Dough Recipe
Wind Chimes
Learn how to make basic hand soap, laundry detergent, basic shampoo, and more. Also included are resources at the bookstore and many websites. This is a good project to do with kids that are 10 and up.  This is from the homeschoolzone web site.

Tie Dye Plain and Simple:  This site just gives you the facts 'Mam, but you can explore from there.  If you want more patterns, just put in a search for tie dye.  There are several sites now that sell tie dye everything, gosh, guess the 70s are back!~Jube

Sewing for and with kids:  This site has everything you need to know about sewing.  There is a Kids' Page and a Teen's Page and an Educator's Page.  Has basic sewing instruction. You could do a whole study just with this site!!  Teens and Kids' pages updated monthly.

Craft Ideas for Kids of all ages!  These rotate also so it will be different each time to check the site.  This is provided by an Art Material Provider.

Welcome to the Sew Young, Sew Fun web site! You are about to begin an exciting adventure into the world of sewing. Learn about all the possibilities that exist when you begin with a flat, shapeless piece of fabric, add seams, and transform the fabric into a usable 3-dimensional project

JoAnn's has great projects for kids! Check out these fun and easy projects that will put your imagination in high gear. Download your instructions, gather your materials and have fun!  Just click Projects and Advice at the top to see this month's fun crafts.

Bluebonnet Village In answer to requests we have prepared a separate page for each project.  This should make print-outs easier. The number printed pages of each project is found under the title on each page. In the case where it shows 1 of 2 all of the project prints on the first page.  Travel Memory Box and more!!

Alaskans' have problem also with what to do with kids, but their season is the long winter.  Click here then click the bottom right for the ideas a recipe PDF booklet with recipes such as paint, gak, glue, etc.

Paper Airplanes of all kinds and shapes.  To stop the flashing ad on the top, just click stop on your browser once the page downloads. sigh.  Great information otherwise.

Here are some awesome projects for the children and the adults. It is centered a bit on beadwork.

Wonderful Cross Stitch patterns Free

So many people have asked about Chrismons that I decided to offer one small Christian symbol chart each month.  You may print out the chart for personal use only.  Be sure to see the Archive of Deb's Charts

Learn Cross Stitch In 5 Minutes

C is for Crochet MANY free patterns  This site was the dream of a lady on aol, and although she has gone on to be with the Lord, her site remains.  If this site is not working because of bandwidth problems check this mirror site.  You and your children will love this site.

Hobby Lobby has a great site with many free patterns and ideas. This is their main crafts page, just click where you want to go.  Check their site for summer workshops for the kids.

Nice crafts for Boys!  This is a craft site put up by parents of cub scouts (ages 5-11) so you know it's boy friendly!!

Leprechaun Marionette:

St. Patrick's Day Mobile:

Kids in the Garden  from a garden magazine site, lots of great things for the kids to do.  Look around the site for lots of things for Dad to do also


Pressed Flower Glass Hanging

Uses pressed flowers or silks. I saw this done at a garden show and it was beautiful!!

Cool Art Projects for Kids!
Tired of fingerpainting? Bored with Magic Markers? Dissatisfied with
the existential futility of glue and glitter? See if you can get your
parents to agree to any of these fun projects:
Bubble Art
Potato Stamps
Painting with Snails
Marble and Golf Ball Art
Tissue Paper Watercolors
Plexiglas Squeezers

Silly Recipes

Nutrition for kids, lots of sites for a whole unit study

Botanicals And Potpourri
I have added this page because of the popularity of incorporating dried
floral material and potpourri in candles and soap.

This is a great site that my dh found. You can print off dinosaur pictures (best if you use lightweight card) then cut and fold them to make little dinosaur figures. Have fun everyone! Tracey :-)

Check out this site for Paper Dolls. Print them out! They are  beautiful!
Make sure you go to the archive

United States Historical Society  Paper Dolls from History

Modern Paper Dolls to download.  This is a free trial software, it does cost to buy the software.

Making Friends' Animal Friends: dog and cat. Uses same outfits as Party Friends pages.

Lucinda Durbin's    Antique Girl Paper Doll with 2 pages of outfits.
From the U.S. Historical Society.

Lene: Marianne Mathiasen's Danish Paper Doll from Silkeborg with dress.  Also dress #2, #3, #4, prehistoric dress, wedding dress, artist outfit, and canoe, marine, and safari outfits

The Grand Rapids Museum has lots of crafts for kids.  You might check your local museum site for ideas also.

Mary of the WACS: 1943 "Young American" girl doll with WAC uniforms and other outfits  This site was so cute with the cute faces and uniforms from the 40s.

Bye-Lo Baby Paper Doll: baby-doll paper doll with christening outfit by Lucinda Durbin. From the U.S. Historical Society.

These are great for older girls... Kristina's Printable Paperdolls: 6 fashion models with MANY beautiful pages of outfits - Brandi, Victoria, Amanda, Shannon, Tiffany, Heather

Things to do with Wallpaper and more ideas!!!!

Great Craft ideas

Ideas and tips on recycling

Stained glass Six New Patterns have been added to the site, on our Pattern Set #15. This 3-D Rocking Horse is one of the most popular Patterns-of-the-Month ever. It's quick and easyto build, and makes a great gift.  download them. Great for teens and adults.

Learn2Scrapbook - This is the place if you're just starting out scrapbooking.

Styrofoam Brand Plastic Foam - Great tips for working with styrofoam, plus
a ton of project ideas!  This is a manufacturer's site, but they have things for you to make available on the site.

Printz Charming Cards & Crafts - Lots of great card and paper craft ideas.

(Last updated: 23 January 1999)
This is the biggest list I have ever seen and they have something for everyone that does cross stitch!

I just checked out the website for Tandy Leather I believe that they are the premiere supplier for leather craft for clubs across all of North America

Talbott's Leather Shoppe - This site is devoted to leather crafting.

Join us for leather craft discussion at this website.

More Leather Crafts that has what looks like several good links

| Make some Yarn Art | Make a Fruit Bowl | Make some Juice Pop | Macrame` a Bracelet | Make a Sand Painting | Tie-Dye a T-Shirt | Bake a Watermelon Cake | Make a Wave Maker | I am talking about are the yarn art and a sand painting. The others are fun!  Lots of other crafts also.

HOPI THUNDERBIRD simple x-stitch