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Field Trips and Fun Learning Events

There are many places in Texas to visit, enjoy a festival, fishing tournament for kids, historic museums, and other fun things to do all year round. Since we can't keep up with every small town in Texas (have you seen that list!;-) here are some main sites that have Texas calendars of events.

This calendar on the TPWD site has information by date, type and location. This one is more specific to your needs.

The Texas Tourist's office calendar. Set it for the type of event you want and the area of Texas you want and the dates you're considering. When I set it for everything everywhere at any date, it had over 1,000 events. Sorry, I did not cut and paste them here, you'll have to go visit for yourself. So next time dh says he has a few days off, check this site and plan a getaway. And don't forget to check out their free stuff.

Also Check
Need tickets to events?  Ticket Servant has great events for your city events

If you need any information to any part of Texas or the Texas Government, here is your start site!!!

Several virtual field trips are available at this site. Great idea if doing Texas history, and you're not headed to Big Bend, etc., in your car anytime soon... The main site has great info about parks and other Texas attractions. Also, there is a fishing area where they have fishing contests for the kids throughout the state. ~Jube

Parks and Wildlife kids page ~Sherian

If you have not been to the State Library, this electronic tour is breathtaking. Historic documents and fragile artifacts from Texas history are now just a mouse-click away. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) has unveiled "Texas Treasures," a new web site featuring digitally scanned images of important resources from the State Archives' vast holdings. Among the "treasures" available for viewing online are William B. Travis' famed letter from the Alamo; county-by-county vote totals from the 1845 Texas referendum on annexation; and a collection of flags from the Texas Revolution and the Civil War.

In addition to the digital images, the web site, available at also offers transcripts for the handwritten documents as well as background information to help provide historical context. ~Jube

Brazoria County Historical Museum
The exhibit: War, Reconstruction and Recovery in Brazoria County is now viewable on the Internet. The original exhibit and the Internet version were funded in part by the Texas Council for the Humanities, a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This museum makes a great field trip if you are in the area, or if you're traveling in the area. ~Jube

A site of history, sites to see, and other great Texan information.

Looking for a great resource for your Texas History reading or just wanting to know more about Texas and it's culture, this is the site. They have links to the various University Presses with their great historic writings, geneology information, Texas romance books and cookbooks about Texas. They have a section for kids reading that I'm sure your librarian can help you find on their shelves. ~Jube

A listing of cultural events in Texas. Just click Houston and the type of event you are looking for, and there it is! Again, use your discretion in deciding which events are appropriate for your family as not all of these events are family orientated. But the resource has lots of great items listed and is updated regularly. ~Jube

The Texas Tourist Information Site with lots of great information and FREE stuff. Just click the area you want and voila, you have all the information you need for a great trip, field trip, or virtual trip. ~Jube

The Atlas features more than 200,000 historic site records, including Historical Marker inscriptions and National Register of Historic Places property photos, as well as museum exhibits and sawmill records from 52 East Texas counties. Search our database to discover the sites that make your hometown unique. Click the Atlas' interactive digital maps to display historic site locations, and plan your own heritage tour of Texas.

Stay overnight on the Battleship Texas, near Houston:

The Battleship of Texas has overnights stays for scouting groups and youth groups now. 

You have to have 20 or more kids. Ages 8-18
1 Adult for every six kids 
Cost 30.00 a person (adults have to pay also) 
Time is from 6:30p.m. - 9:45 a.m. 
They have two Navy guys on the ship that teach them all about the Battleship. 

If you are interested and want to book a stay, call Dianne at 281-479-2431 ex. 41.

I forgot to ask them about meals or if you can bring food on the ship. This would be a fun activity for the kids at church although it is expensive. ~ Libby

We are touring Whole Foods today. The phone # to schedule a tour is 281-293-8905. In the past we have toured Kroger's, Randalls, McDonald's and Ci Ci's. I have heard that the Olive Garden also does tours. ~Selena

Enron Field Tour Info:

This page is not finished, but wanted to put the basics online in time for the launch.  Check What's New for updates as we make this the best site in Texas!