Texas Home Educators 

Lesson Plans

These sites have been found by home educators and reviewed by them Their reviews are included, as are their names when it was available. Please note, that this does not automatically mean that all these sites will work for your family.  As the teacher, check out the site, the lesson plan or activity and decide for yourself if it's right for your child. If any of the links do not work (this is the internet after all), first, in the address box, just delete part of the address to main site [ie texashomeeducators.com/links/reading would be cut to texashomeeducators.com]. This will take you to the home page and then you can look for the requested page in their site map. Sites are being revised and things are sometimes moved to different area. If the site continues not to work, please let us know so we can remove it and not waste another busy home educators time. Many thanks.
Major Sites
1. College
2. High School
3. Language Arts
       a) Reading
       b) Grammar
       c) Vocabulary
       d) Handwriting
       e) Writing
       f) Literature
              1) World Literature
              2) Am Literature
       g) Research Papers
4. Social Studies
       a) World History
       b) Am History
       c) Geography
       d) Economics
       e) Government
       f) Elem Level
       g) Texas History
5. Science
       a) Elem Level
       b) Nature Studies
       c) Biology
       d) Chemistry
       e) Physics
       f) NASA
       g) Astronomy
       h) Physical Science
6. Math
       a) Elem Math
       b) Algebra Plus
7. Unit Studies
8. Arts and Music
9. Crafts and Games
10. Languages
11. Holidays
12. Special Needs Kids
13. Crafts And Sewing
14. Libraries And Museums
15. Reference Desk