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This is done by the folks at the Computer Research and Applications Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I didn't go real far with it but what I saw looks interesting, especially Welcome to the Hotel Infinity!

This is a great compilation of books, sites, videos and computer software regarding math from a great homeschool Mom, Karen Gibson.  Enjoy.This was posted to another list - since a couple of our favorite math sites are on it, I thought this group might be interested.

The MathCounts website. Great program for competitive math.  Austin's group has won several state and national titles. 

Welcome To Rick Schauer's Math Pages,  an entire K-12 math curriculum that's open for free to everyone but geared toward special education learners with math disabilities and to learners preparing for the State of Minnesota 8th Grade Basic Standards Test.  As of October 26, 1999, there are over 4,600 math problems here for learners pre-kindergarten to high school who need help learning to count, write numbers, understand place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, prime numbers, composite numbers, least common multiples, greatest common factors, factoring whole numbers and  * NEW * fractions. This includes: Tips and Tricks for learning different math operations and supporting worksheets for practice.

I did a search in Yahoo for "Math Symbols" and this has great history of the symbols and how they became in use.

Swarthmore University runs a web site called The Math Forum which has the greatest set of math education links I have seen 
in one place.

My favorite math site is the 2+2=4 Mathematically Correct website.  It tells you what kind of math instruction to avoid in addition to explaining math instruction that works!
David L. Hanson

It is a HUGE site. I can't wait to explore!!! Thanks [this has downloads for Mac as well as PCs]
HOMESCHOOL MATH is your guide to lots of FREE resources for homeschool math teaching. Find a math curriculum guide, free worksheets, a extensive list of best kids math games and interactive tutorials and quizzes in the internet, a math book for elementary grades, and teaching tips - all suiting well a homeschooling parent as well as a school teacher. Materials and resources listed here emphasize understanding of concepts instead of just mechanical memorization of rules.
Math Tools is the most powerful site I've found regarding math.  Great lessons and how tos for drills

This is a site put together by Michael Lloyd, a colleague, good friend and really nice Christian guy. In addition to that he is one of the best calculator programmers in the world. In fact, you don't have to take my word for that. Texas Instruments links to Michael's page. ~Dr. Fred Worth