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Go to this site to register for lesson plans for science presented by NASA. They LIKE homeschoolers! ~psam

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A great site for younger kids with lots of interactive games:

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Stay informed about what's happening in the Sharing NASA program by sending an email message to listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov In the body of the message, type subscribe sharing-nasa

Stay informed about what's happening on the Learning Technologies Channel by sending an email message to listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov
In the body of the message type: subscribe updates-itc

There is also NASA Television for those of you with a satellite dish (not primestar dish). They broadcast 2 hours of videos each day with the same videos that you can get copied through their center. When a mission is up, it broadcasts 24 hours a day with actual feed from the mission.: email edge@aesp.nasa.okstate.edu
Join the NASA Spacelink EXPRESS mailing list to receive announcements of new NASA Materials and opportunities for educators. Our goal is to inform you as quickly as possible when new NASA educational publications become available on Spacelink: http://spacelink.nasa.gov/xh/express.html

The old Information Service Center at Johnson Space Center is still up and operating. I thought it was replaced by ERC, but ERC is just teacher's taking the information and sorting it by educational goals and lesson plans. Children can send requests for crew pictures to 
 Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Road One
Houston, Tx 77058-3696

Teachers can request video's for the old ISC, they will send 10 at a time, which you can copy and send back the originals within 2 weeks. Great resource for just plain space tapes, not set up in lesson plans.  They should have a catalog available (281)483-8693 There are 5 more pages here I have not typed, but to call the ERC, 800-972-0369x2129 or for local calls 281-244-2129

These sites should get most of you rolling. There are two week summer training sessions for teachers, overnighters at NASA, and other great learning opportunities for teachers, not to mention things they have available for the kids. Happy surfing.  Jube