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Physical Science

AOML is one of the Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) Facilities of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA/AOML

Weather Site

Teacher section of the NOAA site

Teacher section of The Weather Channel with lesson plans

Nova Online: Killer's Trail
This Web site accompanies the previously broadcast PBS Nova special, Killer's Trail, which focused on the forensic evidence in the 1954 Marilyn Sheppard murder. Your students will love discovering how science helps lawyers and jurists acquit, convict, or exonerate criminal suspects. Students can assemble a DNA fingerprint online and learn about 3-D mugshots that help identify suspects by their ears. Due to the nature of some of the content, this site is most appropriate for older, more mature middle school students. ~psam

for jr high and above weather lessons ~Jube

mainly electrical-type projects. The DNA experiment was great, been there done that, great fun. ~Jube


Work, Power and Energy (student report) ~Anne

The Energy Story: ~Anne

Percy's Puzzles (lots of them, some bad puns, and a coloring book to download) ~Anne

Watt's That, Jr. The Energy Game (several choices all interactive) ~Anne

Energy & Science Projects: Choose one or several to do ~Anne

Inventor's Toolbox: ~Anne

I'd highly recommend you check out the science lessons located in the ED's Oasis Teachers' Guild Lessons There are many geared toward high school science. ~Michael