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Annunciation Austin

is a Catholic homeschooling cooperative located in Austin, Texas. We offer classes for homeschooling students two days a week, and biweekly family consultations with outstanding educators.

Austin Area Homeschoolers

Austin Area Homeschoolers is a network of families who homeschool or are exploring the possibility. We are an inclusive group composed of members who are willing to share their homeschooling experiences.

Austin-Charlotte Mason Living Education

This group is for the purpose of supporting one another in the pursuit of a "living education," both for ourselves and for our children, by discussing and implementing the Charlotte Mason-style of learning. All Austin-area members are welcome, regardless of faith or their children's ages, and whether they are well-versed and experienced in this philosophy of education, or merely interested in learning more.

Austin Home Educators

Austin Home Educators is to serve the Home Educators of Austin in discussions of homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws in a Christian atmosphere. Although discussions will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of homeschooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests. It is our hope that the Austin Home Home Educators list will bring people together. This list is set up to discuss home education in and around Austin and1. to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children; 2. to find answers to your quandaries in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and 3. to share information about home education and opportunities for homeschoolers in the Austin area.

Austin Homeschoolers, South of the River

 We're a group of homeschooling moms in Austin, TX who live "south of the river" and are looking for a more localized group to avoid the northward traffic. From west of Mopac to east of 35, and from the river southward, this new group of homeschoolers is in the formation stage - new members are welcome and encouraged. Come on in and let us know you're here, what you'd like to see, and a little more about you and your family!

Austin HS Learning Differences Support

This discussion list is for homeschooling parents in the greater Austin, Texas area whose children have either been diagnosed with a learning difference, or display some of the symptoms.


FISCHE Families in Support of Catholic Home Education

Families in Support of Catholic Home Education (FISCHE) is a support group that serves Catholic homeschooling families in the north Austin area. Our mission is to be a community where Catholic homeschooling families can meet in a faithful Catholic environment for prayer, worship, formation, service, and support.


Holy Family Homeschoolers

Holy Family Homeschoolers is an organization of Catholic homeschooling families in the greater Austin area. We work together to provide educational field trips and social activities for our homeschooling children. We share our Catholic traditions, while offering moral support for homeschooling. Our members come from parishes all over Austin and the surrounding area. We utilize a variety of curriculum materials and subscribe to many different educational philosophies.


Lake Travis Homeschoolers

We are a group of homeschoolers supporting the Lake Travis area of Texas.  The Lake Travis Homeschoolers group is non-denominational. All are welcome. We simply ask that all members be respectful of each other. If you would like to become a part of our group, please join. We look forward to meeting you.



Austin Royals Christian Athletics

Welcome to the official website of Austin Royals Christian Athletics - commonly known as simply the Austin Royals. We are an organization of homeschool families in the greater area of Austin, Texas, that offers competitive sports to our elementary through high school students. Our primary purpose, however, is to help them become obedient followers of Jesus Christ who love God above all and will likewise encourage others to follow Christ.

Austin Area Homeschool Sports/ Austin Christian

We offer competitive sports for home-schooled kids of all ages, from elementary all the way through high school. Our elementary program consists of several sports, including, but not limited to, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, track & field, etc. Our varsity programs include basketball and volleyball for girls, and basketball and football for boys.





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Hill Country Christian School

Sandra Gaiser Computer Classes




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