Texas Home Educators 

Group Definitions
Support Group

-- A gathering of parents to further the education of their children.

Regional Group

Doing any 3 of the following: 

  • Listing other groups on their website,
  • co-op in addition to support group activities,
  • spelling/georgraphy/bible bees,
  • graduation,
  • speech/debate/drama club,
  • scouts (BS,GS, AHG or Trail Life),
  • expo,
  • college night,
  • beginner workshops,
  • conference
  • Sponsor Eta Sigma National Home School Honor Society Chapter
  • Affiliate with a Sports Group
  • Robotics clubs

Parents coming together to share the teaching of their children at regular intervals


Teachers banding together to offer classes to homeschool children, or individual teachers offering classes at a location.


 teachers offering to assist children in their studies on an individual basis.


a homeschool store offers books and curriculum to the homeschool community, with or without classes.