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Support Groups & Co-Ops

Catholic Homeschooling in El Paso

Networking & Supporting El Paso Catholic Homeschoolers. News on Prayer Meetings, Field Trips, Little Flowers & Blue Knights Programs, Saint's Day Celebrations, Service Projects and More!

El Paso's North East Co-Op

Classes are free, unless otherwise noted. Specialty Classes are offered at a significant discount (ex. piano is offered at half the price of what it would be to take it outside of the co-op). Students are required to provide their own supplies and purchase their own books. If the cost of the book is all that is keeping you from registering please let Hope know as there are scholarships available.

El Paso Liberty Home School Network

We are a child-centered group dedicated to providing support and information for all homeschool families regardless of race, religion, teaching methods or learning styles through planned social, academic, and extracurricular activities.

Southwest Homeschooling Network

We are committed to connecting homeschooling families with various cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities.

Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry 

is basically "two fat women on a mission from God.  A group of Christian (and even some non-Christian) women who love and support one another, pool resources and pray in earnest for one another.

WEHST West and East Homeschooling Together in El Paso

 is an inclusive, non-discriminating group of homeschooling families. Our primary focus is on the home-educated child of all ages. WEHST Members come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, religions and beliefs and we encourage our children to appreciate and understand those diversities. WEHST offers weekly Park Days, Field Trips, Book Club and Co-op opportunities. We encourage our members to be active and schedule field trips and other opportunities that benefit the group.


Sports Groups

El Paso Eastside Homeschool Sports

An El Paso organization for homeschoolers that develops skills in various sports, specializing at this time in basketball, cross country, and swimming.


Scouts, Debate & Clubs

Classes, Tutors & Stores

El Paso Elite Gymnastics

Math Tutor Anthony Boyd


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