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Communications with JoJo, How to instill great communication skills in your child.  Communication can start with manners and go into speech, debate or just how to do a job interview. All these and more are covered with JoJo Tabares as we discuss teaching communications in the homeschool environment. Aired Feburary 2011

Love Dare Valentines Show, This Valentines, dare to love your spouse: Our marriages are a cornerstone to our homeschooling. However, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our homeschooling that our marriages are ignored. We talk with producer Stephen Kendricks of the Fire Proof Movie, and the Love Dare book and bible study. Marilyn Troth, homeschool Mom, also joins us to talk about how the Love Dare challenge has changed her marriage. Aired February 2011

Homeschool Sports with Chris Davis from HSPN: Join us today as Chris Davis discusses the world of homeschool sports, including football and the Super Bowl. Lots of great info here if your child is wanting to do sports while homeschooling and the success of homeschoolers who get sport scholarships to college. Aired February 2011

Jim Bob and Couponing, Saving Money: Jim Bob talks about how his family saved over $18,000 on their grocery bill without living on beans and rice. He talks about his free resource for our audience along with some very substantial tips on saving money. Aired January 2011

New Year — New Beginnings, Stepping out into Homeschooling: Tina Robertson talks about how to start homeschooling, from de-schooling to complete confidence, from Kindergarten to college, she gives some great hints on how to begin homeschooling. Aired January 2011

January is National Organized Month: We talk with Marla Regan of Organized Times about organizing and de-cluttering our homes as we get ready for another semester of homeschooling. As a speaker on time management and a Certified Family Manager Coach, Marla has great ideas to help your family get organized and accomplish more! Aired January 2011

Homeschooling at the Speed of Life: Author Marilyn Rockett joins The Homeschooler Next Door for a review of her new book “Homeschooling at the Speed of Life” discussing ways to simplify and keep it together as you head down life’s path with the kids. Aired March 2007

The Anti Dr. Phil Show: After Dr. Phil aired a show about homeschooling, the Homeschooler Next Door talks with a clinical psychologist about the show and an unschooling homeschool Mom Aired December 2006

Keeping Organized with Debbie Williams: Debbie Williams talks about organization and keeping things in balance, Tammy reviews Poetry curriculum Aired December 2006

Cindy Rushton: Join us as we talk with the queen of Charlotte Mason homeschooling, Cindy Rushton. You will laugh and learn during this one hour coffee break. Aired December 2006

Christian Homeschoolers in Politics: Tim Lambert from THSC and Valerie Swanson, a homeschool Mom, talk about their decisions as Christians to be involved in politics. Aired September 2006

Homeschooling Special Needs Kids: Patsy and Doug Arnold, founders of Texas Special Kids, discuss how to bring your special needs children home, the challenges of homeschooling a special needs child and the rewards and resources available to help parents. Aired September 2006

Home School Honor SocietyL Joanne discusses homeschooling, getting your children into college, setting up a dual credit program with your community college, the Andrea Yates situation, and the Homeschool Honor Society Eta Sigma Alpha. Aired September 2006

Tricia Smith Vaugh and Kris Bordessa: Universal Kindergarten is discussed with Tricia Smith Vaughn, along with Kriss Bordessa discussing her craft books for teens. Aired September 2006

Tricia Smith-Vaughn and the CA Universal Pre School Debate:We talk with Tricia Smith Vaught about Pre School, both in the home, and the laws that are sweeping the country to force people to enroll their toddlers. Aired July 2006

Homeschooling Only One: Donna C, the author of Homeschooling Only One, explains the challenges of homeschooling only one child, whether it’s homeschooling the last one, the first one, the grandchild or only having one child. Great insight for all homeschoolers. Aired July 2006

Jessica Hulcy: Join the Homeschooler Next Door as we sit with Jessica Hulcy, founder of the KONOS curriculum. Having 4 boys to teach Jessica quickly found that she needed more than seat work. Listen and learn how this innovative lady turned her need into a curriculum for thousands.  Aired July 2006

SBCHEA’s Eliazbeth Watkins: Southern Baptist Mom and founder of Southern Baptist Church and Home Education Association talks about the exit strategy and the Kingdom Education Workshop on June 15th in Greensboro, NC  Aired June 8, 2006

The Arrows: A Homeschool Family of teens who sing together, compose together. They came out with their 2nd Album.  Aired April  2006

Carolyn Venable: A homeschool Mom who helps Children of Chernobyl have summer camp in France, has her own DVD out, and since this interview has a theme park open based on her characters in the DVD.  Aired April 2006

Kim and David D’Escoto are a homeschooling family and authors of *The Little Book of BIG Reasons to Homeschool*. We find out why they wrote this great short book and how the manage to homeschool their many children.  Aired April 2006

Dr. Fred Worth, Teaching Math in the Homeschool: Dr. Fred Worth, who holds a PhD in Math, and homeschool dad, talks about the challenges and techniques in teaching math at home.  Aired April 2006